Today’s Bible verse

And he said, My presence shall go with thee, and I will give thee rest. – Exodus 33:14



In Check…

As my Pastor sings Beulah Land, I’m reminded of memories of the past when my family would gather together.  It was always a comforting time when the conversation turned to the higher things of God and following His will.

Today has been a day of memories… flooding my mind, triggered by sights and sounds.


Chasing fireflies at dusk on a warm summer day in Kansas… the sun coloring the sky like tonight, only without as many trees.  Our laughter floating on the air, mingled with the conversations between mom and dad and friends as they visit while we play.


A congregational song, The Old Rugged Cross… oh the old rugged cross.

I see freedom on that cross, as the blood of Jesus streams down its sides.   Because of what Jesus did on that cross, I’m no longer a prisoner to a sin filled life.

stock-footage-loop-features-an-old-rugged-wooden-cross-standing-against-a-time-lapse-motion-cloud-sky-with-raysFreedom I cry,


Praise the LORD who gave His all for me!!


My Sister in Christ comes to tears as she sings I Need Thee Every Hour.

I’m reminded of times when only God helped me in a trial I was going through and it was only Him I trusted to get through it.  Indeed, I need God every moment.

I don’t know why we have days when memories flood our mind, but I’m thankful for the reminders.  It helps keep me “in check”, if you will, knowing that when I turn away from God and His will in my life, I begin to fumble and falter.