I doubt it…

Devotional of the day

I Doubt It – Some time later, God tested Abraham’s faith. “Abraham!” God called. “Yes,” he replied. “Here I am.” Genesis 22:1 

With characteristic humor, John Ortberg says that he is “skeptical of reports that Elvis is alive and well and working as a short-order cook at Taco Bell. I don’t believe,” he says, “that aliens periodically land on earth and give rides to humans—how…


Surrounded by blessings

I am once again employed and very happy to say this job is a blessing.  A very nice change from previous jobs.

Where?, you might ask.

Calvary Christian Academy and Preschool.

People here range in age from infants to adults.  I work with ages 2 years old through the 10th grade.

I’m mostly with the preschool but am with grade school through high school for about an hour during their lunch break.

I’ve been amazed at the creativity I’ve seen in the past two weeks.

This little project was done by one of the two-year olds.  I do believe she may be an architect when she grows up.


Last week, with the grade school through high school bunch, we finished a Star Wars movie on one of the days we had to stay in due to the weather.

The next day we spent time indoors again but we were in the “youth room”.  A room with pool table, Foosball, big blocks for a huge Jenga game, etc.   Because preschoolers are napping on the first floor,  I allowed the younger children to play with the blocks but not as the Jenga game, as there is a very loud crash when the blocks fall.

So, they began to play and created aircraft from the Star Wars movie we had finished the previous day.

A kindergartener created this Star Fighter


Two First graders made the Battle Drone


Then several worked together and built this Destroyer


Each day is a blessing to me, to be employed and working with the other staff members and the young people.  It’s a Christian environment and an all around good place to be.

Until next time, God bless and keep you.


Oh, my!

A commotion of emotions went through me earlier today.  Actually they have been building throughout the week. Over what you may ask…?

A haircut… I know a haircut, really?   

I had my hair cut Monday. While at the salon I questioned the length of one side of my haircut compared to the other.  I was told that I had more hair on that side and because of the wave in my hair it was just thicker looking.  

… okay…? I thought well I guess that could be right. 

On the way home I worried about my hair being thinner on one side. Questions went through my mind of why my air was thinning on that side.

Tuesday, I was still bothered by it.  Wednesday, I washed my hair and let it dry naturally, so the waves and curl hid the difference.  

Today, I washed my hair and blow dried it. When I use a hair dryer my hair usually needs straightened as the hot air does bad thing to my waves and curl.  After straightening my hair this morning I saw the true nature of my haircut. I had tears in my eyes. 


After seeing it, I received a call to interview for a job next week.  After setting that up I was in real emotional commotion. I had to get my hair fixed!

Thank the Lord someone suggested a nice young lady here in town who is starting out.  They told me she was a really good beautician and that she worked at Infinity Salon. 

The beautician’s name?  She is Michaela and she did an awesome job to get my hair back to looking and feeling good.  I will go back to her again.  😊

Lesson learned: when in doubt keep asking questions until you get it figured out. Don’t leave until you are satisfied with the outcome.


Morning rays

This morning I pulled back the curtains in the living room, to let the sunshine in… It was foggy.

So I went to the back door, opened it, and was blessed with a beautiful sight. 

The sun’s rays shining through the fog gave me a sense of comfort. 

Yes, it was foggy, but it wouldn’t be for long. 

Have a blessed day!


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Are You listening?

Hi, it’s been awhile since I last wrote…. it seems I’m struggling with inspiration, or have been…

Yesterday inspiration hit.

I spent the day with Mom.  We had things to take care of throughout the day.  We started the day in a local shop, Gary’s Full Service Station, getting tires on mom’s car.  Friendly people, good service.

From there, business in Fort Smith.   The inspiration hit on our way from Fort Smith to Ozark.  We decided to travel Hwy 22 instead of the interstate and I’m glad we did.

Somewhere between Fort Smith and Charleston, the coolant gage on mom’s vehicle started showing hot.

3 - How to Prevent Your Engine Overheating - temperature gauge with indicator “hand” at the hottest level

When I noticed it, I said a quick prayer asking God to get us to Dale’s in Charleston.  We continued on and as we got closer to Charleston, a chattering sound began.  Again I prayed asking the Lord to let it not be anything major with the car.

I pulled into Dale’s and just as I cleared the road and was on their lot the car dies, there was no cranking it back up, nothing.  So I got out of the car and went to see if someone could help us out.

If I had any doubt on whether God is listening or not, He made it very clear yesterday.  He answered both of my prayers.

First prayer: the car makes it to Dale’s.  It made it and died there.

Second prayer: let it not be anything major.   David, the mechanic, told us the radiator hose had blown. After it cooled down some, he replaced the hose, added coolant, then ran it for a bit to make sure there wasn’t any other issues from it getting too hot.  The chattering noise quit, there were no other leaks from the radiator.

On a personal note, the mechanic was under another vehicle when we showed up, and he took care of us, the first customer, and another that came while we were there and he got all three of out and on our way within the hour.  Maybe I’m easily impressed, but I was.  He took care of business in a patient and efficient way.

Mom and I also had a good visit with the other customer waiting.

In my mind it was all a God thing… the mechanic could have been impatient and slow, we could have been there for hours or possibly had to leave the car there.  It could have been a much worse problem with the car.  We could have been sitting with a grumpy, disgruntled person as we waited.  But, that’s not what happened.

John 15:7 – If ye abide in me, and my words abide in you, ye shall ask what ye will, and it shall be done unto you.