ready to Pounce,

free pic from Bling

                             Laying in wait,

                             Anytime time now,

                             You will see,

                    him Flying by,

    taking on the Unexpecting puppy,

twitching his taiL.


Sonia R Parham 2016

Ever been there?

I was browsing in a local shop, just using up some time on my lunch break, and wound up buying a small snowman and a green glitter Christmas tree to use in my sewing room at home.  I go to the checkout counter and pay for my purchases, all the while making small talk about the holidays with the cashier.  We wish each other Happy Thanksgiving and I begin to search for my keys.

“Now to find my keys”, I say.

“They have to be in there”, he says watching me search my handbag.

Now you have to understand my handbag is very organized and when I didn’t see my keys in “their place” I started looking to see if they had slipped under my wallet or something.

“I guess I left them in the car”, I replied, after not finding them.

So I snapped my bag closed and put it on my shoulder looking down. There my keys were, laying on the counter.  I looked up in surprise at the cashier and he busted out laughing, I couldn’t help but join him.

Ever been there?

Mind ever wonder?

Palm tree
microsoft clip art

The other day I saw a picture of a palm tree and my mind began to wonder.  Understand I was a work, the drowsiness of afternoon had set in before lunch, and with my job being pretty boring to me, it was very easy to get distracted.  I really should try to find another line of work…

Anyway… I saw the picture of a palm tree and envisioned a secluded beach with a small hut set up for quilting.  There was also a hammock hung between two palms with a table beside with writing tools.

So I would quilt part of the day and then write; as I soak in the sunshine, the salt air and cool breeze of the ocean and sway back and forth in the hammock.

The Best Laid Plans

“Today, on my lunch break I looked over my schedule for the week and tried to plan projects to work on accordingly.  The best laid plans however are often changed. I suspect I will be working extra late tomorrow night as they have announced  lunch and dinner will be brought in.  So I will have to be flexible but hope that tomorrow is the only day I may have to work extra late.”

You’ve just read what  I wrote on my lunch break.  Guess what?

Tonight was an extra late night too.

The crazy thing is I couldn’t do anything more than what I did earlier in the day because information was not in our new operating system.  So there I sat thinking to myself “I could be working on my son’s quilt instead of sitting here”.  It felt like a waste of my time.  But if they want to pay me for it, so be it…probably  the easiest money I ever made.  🙂

Tomorrow will be a different story altogether as today’s transactions will be in the system.  It will be a very busy day and I will need every moment I can get to get my job done.

This afternoon we were given inspirational cards… I used them as wall art for my cubicle.