Daily Prompt: Silence

via Daily Prompt: Silence

As I sit in silence, I pray thanking God for each day and the many blessings.  I had a phone call today that is an answer to prayer and I want to thank everyone who has been keeping my employment opportunities in prayer.  I will start work on Monday.

I have enjoyed my 9 month temporary retirement, or vacation, whatever you want to call it, but I’m ready to go back to work.   I know I will miss the free time, but the paycheck will be nice to have again too.

As I sit in silence, I reflect on the way God has used this down time to draw me nearer to Him, through bible study and prayer.   I’m trusting Him more now than ever and believe this new job is a door He has opened.  I’m trusting Him to continue to lead me as I begin this new journey in life.   I think it is a good way to start Autumn out.

Speaking of Autumn, when these little beauties bloomed I knew Autumn was close.


And it seems this time of year, like spring fever, I get Autumn fever and start crafting or sewing new things.  For example, I pulled out my vintage Weave it Loom and tried to weave a little coaster…. it looked good in the loom but not so much, out of the loom. I will have to keep trying until I get it right.

The Autumn wall hanging I was working on is finally finished.


So as I sit in silence and reflect, each day is a new beginning to do and live better than the day before.





I turned 49 today.  Now days when I celebrate my physical birthday, I think of my Spiritual birthday.   It was 20 years ago this week that I became a child of God.  I turned from just talking the talk and playing the part of a good Christian girl in front of those who I thought it mattered to, and from actually being filled full of anger on the inside which usually showed its ugly head to my husband and kids, changed to a person who is forgiven for my past and is changing daily as I grow in my walk with the Lord.   So when I celebrate my birthday, I also celebrate my birthday in Christ. That was when my life truly began.

I’ve been wanting a chocolate cake for over a month.  It’s one of those things you think of but then don’t get around to making one.

David made me a home-made chocolate cake today. Mmmm…. chocolate….  and he frosted it with dark chocolate frosting.   Yes, I was in chocolate euphoria, as I ate a slice.


It has been a good day – finished up decorating for Autumn, finished the baby quilt top and started on the Autumn quilt.

baby sized quilt top      
sneak preview of the Autumn quilt

Tomorrow I hope to piece together the rows that will go around the center section that was completed today for the Autumn quilt.  Then possibly get it quilted over the weekend.  It is going to be around 40″ square.

Here’s wishing you good night!


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Spinning giggles and blooms

Hi, hope your summer is off to a good start.

This past week has been a good week.  It was spent with family from out of town and it is always a joy to spend time with them. A lot of the family gathers and sounds of laughter,  giggles from the little ones running around, and the banter between brothers-n-law is just a good sound.

There is always one day designated as “girls’ day out”.  I won’t go into detail but this year we learned that a certain restaurant wasn’t our best choice, but as the saying goes, “laughter is good medicine” and we got plenty of that.

One morning I saw an orange light shining through the front curtains, so as the washing machine went through its cycles, I stepped outside and took this picture of the sunrise coming through the trees in my neighborhood.

© 2016, Sonia R. Parham

It was a beautiful addition to an early morning.

I had some scrap fabric left over from the three small quilt tops I made the day before.  Those scraps had been on my mind…. spinning around… on how I could use them to get one more small quilt top made.

The design came to me just as I laid my head down for a nap that afternoon.   The nap did not happen but the little quilt top did.


The quilt top is hanging upside down. I didn’t realize it until I posted it here.  The arrow should be pointing up as the characters are all facing that direction.

The week was also good for getting some pictures of the roses, petunias and the sky.


Blessings, they come in all forms from visits with family, to flower blooms, to beautiful skies.

Always count your blessing and never take them for granted for they are a gift from above.

Every generous act and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights; with Him there is no variation or shadow cast by turning. ~James 1:17 (HCSB)



Today’s daily prompt is Summer.

I thought about it and decided today’s activities fit in good as far as summer goes for me.

It started out with a devotional about how God speaks to us in many ways, through a sunrise, beautiful flowers, a bird’s song, etc and also about how He speaks in a still small voice to our hearts through reading scripture or a song.  I thought of this upon seeing the beautiful blooms in the flower bed.  These little roses are cuttings from a ground cover rose I’ve had for a few years.  They are the first blooms on the cuttings.

© 2016, Sonia R Parham

Then I got three small quilt tops done this morning before noon.  These will go to our local community outreach through the quilt guild I belong to.

Another sign of God’s presence came to me when thinking about visiting with family today.  Laughter among those you love, the smile of a child, seeing the tentative steps as  a toddler learns to walk,  prayer and discussion about the needs of others in the family ~ God is always there.

And again in the Ladies Bible study on the Armor of God, by Priscilla Shirer, at my church.  We talked about the breastplate of righteousness tonight and that will be our focus this week.   If you haven’t studied the armor of God before I strongly suggest it.  I have been in it for two weeks and Lord has revealed things to me through the scripture that will help me in my walk with God.

Then on the way home tonight  I saw the beautiful moon.  It was low in the sky.  When I got home I grabbed my camera to try to get a picture of it.

It was so low, it was behind trees, but I realized if I got down on a knee I could catch a picture of it between the branches of two trees.

© 2016, Sonia R Parham

While I was outside getting this picture I saw lightning bugs.  Do you remember trying to catch them as child?

So summer for me is about the beauty God gives us in nature from new blooms, to lightning bugs and the moon.

Summer is about visiting with family on vacation.  It’s about Vacation Bible School, which is coming up soon, and new Bible studies for the summer.

Summer is about temperatures rising as we try to take a break and chill out from work.  It’s about large cherry lime-ade and ice cream, water melon and fresh veggies from the garden.

It’s also about mowing the lawn and pulling grass and weeds out of the gardens.  On that note, isn’t that how sin is in our lives when we take our focus off God and our relationship with Him?  It just crops up and starts taking over, choking out the good fruit or light in our life.

So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen.  For what is seen is temporary but the unseen is eternal. ~2Corinthians 4:18

Summer, all kinds of wonderful things and lessons learned.


Thanks Mom

It is hot today!  I zoomed in on the outdoor thermometer under the car port.  Where it is placed, it stays in shade, so this gives a good indication of the actual temperature.


However, the heat did not stop a Day Lily from blooming or stop the Tiger Lilies from blooming.

Our veggie garden is holding up pretty good too. Here’s a picture of a little of what David brought in from the garden earlier in the week.  Since then he has brought in sugar snap peas, kale, cabbage leaves and yellow squash.


Inside where it is cooler, I tried out my new Go Baby fabric Cutter from AccuQuilt.  This thing is a dandy, it cuts fabric precise and is quicker than using my rotary cutter.  Right now I have two different dies.  The tumbler shape you see below and a flower shape.


I’ve been collecting ties for a quilt and my mom has helped towards my goal in the past  week.   In this big shoe box, there are two layers of rolled up ties.  I think this gives me about 38 ties now.    It’s a good start to making a quilt.   Thanks Mom!


All the ties, except the one on the lid, are in blues, reds and grays.  I am still turning it over in my mind on how I want to do the quilt.

That’s it for now.

Hope you’re staying cool as the temps rise.



Where does the time go?

It seems my weeks are beginning to run together and before I know it another new week is starting.  I look at my  organizer and realized I didn’t accomplish all the things I set out to do for the week.

I get behind on my blog among other things.  So I will try to catch up on what’s been going on mostly through pictures.

I will start with a visit with family.  I got to spend a little time with some of my aunts and  uncles today, who I haven’s seen in a while.   It is always a blessing to me to see their smiles and hear their stories.  Family, no matter how far away they are, means a lot to me.  I feel their happiness, their sadness, their strengths and their weaknesses.  I cheer when they have a celebration, I cry when they have a heartbreak, I worry about them when things are not going good for them.  But most of all I pray for them.  I ask for blessings to be given to them, I pray for any healing that needs to be done, and I pray for strength in their times of weakness, asking the Lord to delivering them.  I love my family.

Next I will share some visitors to our veggie garden this past week.  They have moved on, it didn’t take long for them to get their hop going.

I’ve done a little more water coloring.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’ve also been working on some quilt blocks.  I tried this card trick block and I have to say I do not like this block.  I had fits getting my mind wrapped around it.  I had scraps left over and made a small pin wheel block.  Then I took a vintage quilt top, that was given to me a few years back, and made a table topper to use in my bedroom.

Then of course I did a little flea marketing too.  I didn’t find a whole lot but did find a few cute items I have now in my sewing room.  A mouse piggy bank for thread money.  A small silver bell with a cute little mouse on top and a beat up trash can mug for my paint brushes.

I guess that catches me up for now.  I am going to strive to get back on track next week and hope to accomplish everything I set out to do.



© 2016 Sonia R. Parham