just a little something

Thought I'd share what I've been working on.



Today's daily prompt is Summer. I thought about it and decided today's activities fit in good as far as summer goes for me. It started out with a devotional about how God speaks to us in many ways, through a sunrise, beautiful flowers, a bird's song, etc and also about how He speaks in a … Continue reading Summer

Thanks Mom

It is hot today!  I zoomed in on the outdoor thermometer under the car port.  Where it is placed, it stays in shade, so this gives a good indication of the actual temperature. However, the heat did not stop a Day Lily from blooming or stop the Tiger Lilies from blooming. Our veggie garden is … Continue reading Thanks Mom


Where does the time go? It seems my weeks are beginning to run together and before I know it another new week is starting.  I look at my  organizer and realized I didn't accomplish all the things I set out to do for the week. I get behind on my blog among other things.  So I … Continue reading Time…