Yesterday I saw a tire cover on the back of a jeep that read “life is good”.  Then today, a bookmark I used had the words “count your blessings”.  It is very apparent to me that no matter the day you’re having, if you look around, you will find something good.


For instance, if it’s hot and muggy and you see dark storm clouds brewing, you know there’s bound to be rain soon and hopefully a reprieve in the heat.


Or you notice it’s getting dark outside and you step out and catch a beautiful sunset.


Often times I get up in the morning after having a restless night.  I sit down for my quiet time in prayer and bible study and a lot of times after I lift my head from prayer I look out the window in front of me and see the dew glistening on the grass.  Peace… in that moment complete peace is what I find.


So look for something good each day.   The way you see things directs your way.

How do you stay positive?





What do you do?

On my quest to lose several pounds, I have made changes to my plate size.  Maybe it sounds crazy, but using a smaller plate helps me.

I guess it’s like fooling your eye into thinking you’re filling your plate when you have half of what you normally eat.  In the past 10 1/2″ plates were used for our meals.  I’ve switched my plate to the smaller plate of 8 1/2″.   It looks like a full plate, and it is, but smaller portions than before (except maybe the biscuit, which was only half eaten).


The habit where less seems like more when it comes to my meals, is beginning to set in unless of course, I skip a meal or something.  That’s when I need to be careful.

Okay, moving on…

The carcass of the chicken, which was roasted for the meal, was sitting in the roasting pan and the thought of making stock came to mind.

So the carcass and left over juices were put into a large pot, onion and carrots were added along with black pepper and Greek seasoning.  Water was added and everything was brought to a boil then the heat was turned down to let it simmer for a few hours.


Once it has cooked and reduce down, all the big pieces will be removed with a slotted spoon.  Then it will be strained through a sieve to remove any of the smaller pieces. The stock will be cooled down and put it in the fridge.

In the morning when all the fat has solidified on top of the stock, I will remove the fat and discard it.  The stock will be put in ice-cube trays to freeze.  Once it is frozen in cubes, it will go into a freezer bag to use later.  The stock will last a few months in the freezer.

The reason for making the stock is because I’ll know what and how much goes into it.  Unlike something I buy at a store.

What are some things you cook at home to make sure you know what’s going in?



Full Moon




The other night as the moon was rising I tried to get some pics of the orange color from the sunset with it.

The  full moon is just a beautiful sight to me.

These pictures aren’t the best but the moon was truly beautiful that night.

A full moon lights up the night so that the clouds, mountains and open fields are highlighted.

The full moon inspires stories  in everything from Christmas to romance, comedy, and horror.

Have you ever noticed children and adults are more “energetic” when there’s a full moon?

There’s just something about the full moon…



Fond Memories

The sun is setting and lighting bugs are flitting about as I make my way across the grassy field.  The smell of fresh cut wheat fields dances on the wind…

The circus is in town.

I see the big top tent with its small yellow lights outlining it against the sky.  I hear lions roar and elephants trumpet and the closer I get I can hear the ring master shout “Come one, Come all!”  The crowd closes in as I draw near.  Breaking free from the crowd, I make my way to a lemonade stand.

Fresh lemonade, there’s nothing better in the summer months.  Standing there sipping the cold tart sweet lemonade takes me back to younger days.  Days when I heard the locusts and frogs sing at night, when I would chase those fireflies I see flitting around.  Fond memories.

I make my way back to the tent and step in.  The smell of animals mixed with the sweaty crowd assaults me as the tent flap cuts off any breeze that is blowing.  I can see cigarette flares in the darkness as smoke rises towards the top of the tent.

Laughter fills the air as some clowns roll into the center ring. Some are doing cartwheels and flips, some are juggling and then some are just running around. Then a tiny car drives in.   How do so many clowns fit in that small car?  I’ve always wondered about that.


©2016 Sonia R. Parham

Decked out

As the wind moves in,  I write hoping I get this done before the storms hit.

This morning was beautiful.  It was partly cloudy and I couldn’t resist taking pictures of the blooms near my home.

I zoomed in on this white tree across a field.  I noticed it through my front window. When the sun would break through the clouds the tree looked like it was shining.

While outside taking that picture, I noticed the jonquils blooming in my front flower bed.

I even took a picture of a wildflower or weed, whatever you want to call it.  It too, looked pretty in the light this morning.

I finally took my valentine decorations down and am now decked out for spring.  Here’s some of what I did.

In the dining area, I used some of my vintage pieces, like old mason jars and my Fire King pieces, and made floral arrangements.

In the living room, the piano, my side table and a wall hanging.

Are you decked out for Spring or Easter?


Overcoming a glitch…

The first signs of our veggie garden are beginning to show.  My husband started seeds for the garden and today we noticed they are up and have vented the top of the seed starter tray.

We have cabbage and iceberg lettuce.

The beets and basil have started too.
I think they will do well.
I was needing a single vase a week or two ago and didn’t have one.  I was at a flea market last week and found this pretty vintage milk glass bud vase.  It is diamond cut in the pineapple pattern.  
I finally finished one of the small quilts I’ve been working on.  It didn’t happen without a glitch though.  Here’s the quilt finished.
Here’s the glitch.  I had to stop and have some repair done on my machine.  I was sewing along and then the casing that holds the needle just dropped out of the machine.  

Thankfully my needle was not broke or bent, amazingly.
So that’s Monday for me.  It started good, had a glitch, then ended good.  
Isn’t that how life goes?
Everything is going along good, then a glitch happens.  How you overcome that glitch depends on how you face it.  In the case of my sewing machine, I turned to my husband.  I have never had my machine do anything like it.  He repaired it, and showed me what I need to do if it ever happens again.  I am now prepared  with the knowledge and the tool to take care of it next time.   
But what about bigger things in life?  How do you overcome glitches then?  I personally rely on my relationship with God.  I search my heart and pray asking God to reveal what I should do, and at some point, either through discernment or Scripture, I know what needs to be done or what to expect next.  These verses sum it up nicely.
Psalm 16:8-11 (NIV) 
I keep my eyes always on the LORD.  With Him at my right hand, I will not be shaken.  Therefore my heart is glad and my tongue rejoices; my body also will rest secure, because You will not abandon me to the realm of the dead, nor will You let Your faithful one see decay.  You make known to me the path of life, You will fill me with joy in Your presence, with eternal pleasures at Your right hand.