Yesterday I saw a tire cover on the back of a jeep that read "life is good".  Then today, a bookmark I used had the words "count your blessings".  It is very apparent to me that no matter the day you're having, if you look around, you will find something good. For instance, if it's … Continue reading How?


What do you do?

On my quest to lose several pounds, I have made changes to my plate size.  Maybe it sounds crazy, but using a smaller plate helps me. I guess it's like fooling your eye into thinking you're filling your plate when you have half of what you normally eat.  In the past 10 1/2" plates were … Continue reading What do you do?

Full Moon

The other night as the moon was rising I tried to get some pics of the orange color from the sunset with it. The  full moon is just a beautiful sight to me. These pictures aren't the best but the moon was truly beautiful that night. A full moon lights up the night so that … Continue reading Full Moon

Decked out

As the wind moves in,  I write hoping I get this done before the storms hit.This morning was beautiful.  It was partly cloudy and I couldn't resist taking pictures of the blooms near my home.I zoomed in on this white tree across a field.  I noticed it through my front window. When the sun would … Continue reading Decked out