Sleep ends and the day begins,

Under no circumstance will you fail,

Revive your spirit, look  up and carry on.

Voice your thanks for a new day, a new opportunity,

In hope and faith as you breath and move forward,

Valiant in your search for a better life,

Always trying to do the best you can,

Letting nothing get you down.

Sonia Parham 2016

In His sight

As I drove home tonight,

What did I see?

The big bright moon,

Staring down at me.

Peeking between the clouds

And shining so bright,

As if to say,

It will be alright.

You see me through the clouds,

Now trust and believe,

That all, is as it should be.

Remember the One,

Who put me in the sky,

He always has you in His sight.

Sonia Parham 4-19-16

New Day

Lord, why do I feel blue?prayer

Even thought I know You,

Each morning and night,

I pray to stay positive in this life.

There are days I awake to blue,

As the day goes, the darker the hue,

Until I’m in a deep dark pit.

I cry out “Oh Lord help me!”

“Are you there? I can’t see Your light.”

Then in between my cries I hear,

A still small voice, saying “Draw near,

I have a hold of your hand, though you have let go,

Look up my child and you will know,

The light and love I have for you.

Just trust and believe,

You will see,

The blue fade away,

And feel My love, the sunshine of a new day.”

Sonia R Parham 4/4/16

O’ Bitter Wind

Oh winter wind why do you blow,

bringing the sleet, the ice and snow?frozen

Won’t you change the path you’re on,

just keep moving and leave us alone?

Make way for springs winds to blow,

and let the pretty blooms grow.

Go away o’ bitter wind,

Move on and let the next season in.

SParham 2/15/15

Busy Bee

Busy bee,???????????????????????????????

Busy bee,

Totally ignoring me,

From flower to Flower he goes,

Flying to and fro,

Not caring one bit that I’m near,

Thus I got this pic oh so clear.

SParham 2014

Autumn Stained Glass

Cool morning air,

Heavy dew on the grass,

Leaves changing color,

Gleaming like stained glass,

As the sun lights them up.

                         Sparham 2014

Where you going?


 Where you going?

Where you been?

Often going and coming again.

Slow down for a moment,

Listen, see, feel and taste, 

Make a point to slow your pace,

Do you notice the color of sky, 

Or the sweet melody of a lullaby?

Take a moment now and then, 

To break from you haste,

And let the good things soak in.

                              SParham 2014