Not sure…

The classic movie “Birds” by Alfred Hitchcock was on earlier today.  I had never seen it so I watched it.  While the movie was playing a lot of black birds showed up outside…

Not sure how I feel about birds now…

David took a few pictures of a visitor in our flower bed.  A poor little grasshopper became this webmaster’s meal.

I’m still trying to get my head wrapped around the fact that we are now in September.  It was nice outside today and the feeling of Autumn came over me and a tiny bit of anticipation set in.   Christmas will be here before I know it and I haven’t started on any projects for Christmas.   I need to start now so that I don’t  stress over getting everything done on time.   We have only 112 days until Christmas!

Speaking of Christmas, while at a flea market earlier in the week I found this unopened pack of scrapbook paper for $5.00.  This is a steal, as everything in the craft stores is $15.00 and higher for the same size pack.  This pack will most likely be turned into Christmas cards this year.  That’s what came to mind when I saw it.


How do you feel about birds?