Caught up

I got up this morning, started a load of laundry and looked at these two walls in my dining area.

I’ve been thinking of changing them out for some time and decided this morning to go ahead and get it done.

I’ve been collecting plates for some time.  I see a pretty piece of China at a flea market or antique shop and if it is priced right, I buy it.

Here are the ones I have collected with three from my own China set.


These three were given to me by someone else.  I’m not sure but it might have been my husband, he’s not sure either.  🙂


I don’t profess to be an interior designer, but I like the change and plan to put some of the veggie stuff, I took down, in the kitchen area.

In yesterday’s blog I mentioned spending some time in my sewing room. I did, but did not get any sewing done.

Got caught up on my Armor of God study, which was my priority today, but overall I took it easy and stayed cool.

Hope you had a good day!