music notes

I think back to last year, during a stressful time at my previous job.  I was sitting at my desk, in my 5′ x 6′ cubicle, crying out to God from within for help.  All of a sudden, it was like a jolt to my soul, a song bubbled up and I began to sing.  That’s right I sang to my coworkers.  I wrote down the words so that I wouldn’t forget them.

(first line) The joy in my heart has nothing to do with this place,

the joy that I have is all because of God’s amazing grace.

(chorus) Joy, Joy, oh what Joy, Joy in my soul,

Joy, Joy there’s so much Joy, my hear overflows.

(second line)The joy in my heart has nothing to do with things I have,

The joy that I feel is all because I’m a child of the Great I Am.

(repeat chorus)

I don’t think I will ever forget that moment in time.  It was a great witness to me that though the job stressed me to the max, I had God on my side.

I’m free of that job now, actually I’m between jobs at this time.  But I still have the joy that only comes from my faith.