Healthy… isn’t that something we all strive to be?

We try to get in shape. We try to lose weight.  We try to eat the right things and try to stop eating  all the wrong but delicious things we have become addicted to.

As of now, that is a road I’m on.  It seems three years of sitting in a cubicle, crunching numbers, brought on a habit of munching on snack food.  It’s what you call stress eating.  Which in turn helped me gain about 20 pounds.

I no longer have that stress and do not snack as much, but I still have most of the weight I gained.  So I have set a schedule to exercise each day and to cut back on some things to lose the pounds.  I’ve decided to cut down on sugars, like soda pop and bread (that’s the hard one for me… bread).  Also, cutting back on fried foods, which I have already started.

I’ve lost 5-6 pounds, depending on the day, so far.

But then I got to thinking, health isn’t just about the body, it’s about the spirit too.

So how is your spirit?  Are you healthy?   Is there peace or turmoil within?

There was a time I was in turmoil, full of anger and resentment.

No so, anymore.  Now I have peace within.

I heard a testimony this morning.  A young man shared the turmoil, basically living in hell on earth in his earlier days.  My heart broke for what he and his siblings and their mother had to endure at the hand of someone else.

Then he said “But God”… those two words said it all.  But God has brought him out of that dark time into a life now that is more peaceful and much happier.

Those two words stuck with me throughout the day.  But God…  I thought about my life and all the times “But God” applies.

I know there are those out there that don’t want to think about God or what He has to offer.  Turning away when the feeling that something or someone it reaching out to them, in their heart and mind.  I know, because I use to be one of those people.

But God showed me what it is like to die without knowing Him and being separated from Him forever.

But God loves me and you so much He gave His son Jesus Christ as a sacrifice, crucified on a cross for our sins.  And it isn’t that He just died on the cross, Jesus Christ was buried, then arose alive again and is still alive today.

Living, Jesus loved us. Dying He saved us.  Buried He took our sins to the grave, and rising He conquered death and justified all who believe in Him.  You can find all of this in the book of John in the Bible.

Here is an outline of the book of John, in the Bible.

Chapter 1 – The Word of God (Jesus Christ)

Chapters 2-12 – Jesus’s Public Ministry

Chapters 13-17 – Jesus’s Private Ministry

Chapters 18-20 – Jesus’s Death and Resurrection

Chapter 21 – John’s Conclusion

You can find all kinds of information on how to get healthy physically, but in my opinion and experience spiritual health can only come through God.