music notes

Today’s one word prompt is music.

Music has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.  Like love, it has surrounded me, brought me peace and joy, and is always there to help me through.  I believe music is divinely designed and God created it for this purpose.

In my life, it all started with my dad playing his harmonica and hearing my grandpa would play music, when we would visit in my early years.  I heard music at home and in church throughout my youth.

Then I met David, my soul mate.  He comes from a family of musicians who use to get together on weekends and play.  My children have heard music from the womb and were born with rhythm and music intertwined in their DNA.

I will hear a guitar, a piano, or drums being played at any given time in my home.  If it’s not my husband playing, it’s one of my children and sometimes it’s all of them together.

Most mornings I wake up with a prayer or a song of praise in my mind.  Music rates right up there, after my relationship with God and the love of my family.

I can’t imagine life without music.