Blending colors…

It’s a beautiful day, today.  There are wispy clouds highlighted against the beautiful blue of the sky.

It’s a little nippy outside, so I decided to finish up a small afghan I’ve been working on little by little as I’ve had time this week.  

 It is 28″ x 32″ in size.

I used a size Q (16 mm) hook and two strands of yarn for each stitch.

It’s made up of alternating two rows of single crochet and one row of double crochet through out.

I changed colors, adding one color to a previous color, making it so that the colors blend as they go up and still have a color block definition too.  Each color combo had 8 – 10 rows, depending on when I wanted to change colors.

Here are the colors/color combinations I used.

  • Dusty rose with light pink
  • Light pink with bright pink 
  • Bright pink with hot pink 
  • Hot pink with dark purple 
  • Dark purple with medium purple 

It’s a great way to use up yarn if you find your yarn stash overflowing.