Death wish?…

Hi, let me begin with… I do not profess to be a good driver, but after what I experienced this morning, I’m not going to be so hard on myself anymore.

Have you ever been on the road with someone who you are convinced has a death wish?

I’m pretty sure I shared the road with someone like that this morning on HWY 23, traveling north to Ozark, AR.

As normal, I was passed by a few vehicles, no big deal, it happens most mornings.  As I traveled on down the road, I looked in my rear view mirror and some distance away I saw this small car passing every vehicle behind me.  I’m thinking the car was traveling close to 80 mph as it quickly caught up with me.  

The driver of said car got close and rode my bumper for a little ways, and then proceeded to pass me in a no passing zone in a curve.  Now if you’ve traveled western Arkansas very much you know that you can’t see around most curves due to the hills and trees.  This car was so close, when it passed and then moved back in the lane in front of me, it would have clipped the front right of my car had I been going a mile or two faster.  I can tell you for sure it was black in color… but it moved so fast that’s about all I noticed.

The vehicles that had passed me earlier in my drive were a little distance ahead of me, I’d say about quarter to half mile ahead.  I watched the black car catch up with them and then try to pass all three vehicles in a no passing zone on a hill.  I started slowing down because I knew that car was going meet another car on that hill and if they did it was going to be bad.  One of the three vehicles it was trying to pass had to apply its brakes to let the car in as there was oncoming traffic at that hill.

That little black car was flying down the road. I hope whoever was in that car made it safely to their destination.  Not only were they putting themselves in danger, they were putting their passengers and everyone else on the road in danger.

I know that there are times you don’t want to see a police officer, like when those pretty blue lights are flashing behind you, but I sure wish there was one the road this morning.