Spring Fling Shop Hop

Kathy, Judy and I spent Saturday doing the Spring Fling Shop Hop in Arkansas.

We started out early, 7:00 a.m.

It was chilly and very foggy.   We decide to head north and work our way south through the  seven shops that participated in the shop hop.

Our total mileage driven was 352 miles.  It was a fun day and we met some very nice people.


The Rabbit’s Lair in Rogers Arkansas, was our first stop.   

This is a shop you need to check out.  Even if you are not a quilter, check this sh
op out.

It has all the original character from when it was first built as a pharmacy.


This little shop also has a lot to offer anyone who is into quilting, crocheting and knitting.    In the Rabbit’s Lair you can go behind the counters and go through the drawers.  They have quilting, crocheting and knitting items in every nook and cranny.



The second shop we went to was the Country House Quilting Quilt Shop located in Pea Ridge, Arkansas.

This is off the beaten path, but is a shop worth visiting if you are in the area.


They had a in store challenge we could vote on.


Our third shop to visit was the Sew a Stitch in Rogers, Arkansas.

This shop caters mainly to those looking for a sewing/embroidery machine.  It has sewing notions and fabrics as well.







Next we were on our  way to the Quilting Corner in Sulphur Springs, Arkansas.

This was a nice little shop.

I got a helpful tip on a quilt made out of men’s neck ties.  I am collecting ties to one day make a neck tie quilt.




Sager Creek Quilts & Yarn Works was our next stop.  It is located in Siloam Springs, AR.    This shop has a lot to offer a quilter and anyone into crocheting and knitting as well.








Mama’s Log Cabin was next.  This is another shop off the beaten path in Huntington, Arkansas but well worth the visit.

This little shop is packed full and I’m sure you will find what you need there.  They do a lot of online sales too.

This group of ladies is very helpful and happy to answer any questions you might have.







Our last stop was Crooked Creek Quilt Shop in Greenwood, Arkansas.

This shop is the closest to where I live and the ladies there are members of the guild I belong to.

They have some special rulers that are worth checking out.

You know how when your try to square up a half triangle square and your ruler rocks on the seam?  They have come up with a ruler that has a groove in it so that it doesn’t rock on the seam and squaring up your block is much easier.









So that’s my Saturday.  I totally enjoyed it but was tired by the time we arrived back in Caulksville, Arkansas, where I left my car for the day. I was kind of numb driving the rest of the way home in Paris.

I hope you enjoyed your weekend too.  🙂