How do you replicate the sound that is made when a machine goes down?

I had a humorous moment today when a printer went down and I had to contact one of our IT guys.  He came up, restarted the printer, and made a copy.

Microsoft clipart

No issue.

He asked me to make a copy.  So I did… no issue.

Then the $100 question…

“What kind of sound did it make?”, he asked.

“Uh… I can’t replicate it… I guess it was like Kathunk…”, I replied.

Next thing you know, there were a lot of different sounds being made by him, trying to replicate it, but none of them were the sound I heard.

“Kathunk…”, I said again.

Needless to say the printer is working just fine now.  So, I will have to write the error message down and let IT know the next time it happens.   If only I could I have a recorder close by when it happens…



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