Mind Chatter…

sleep… sleep… sleep…

That is what I did not do last night.  

Have you ever had a night where your mind would not shut up?

That’s what I went through last night. Mind chatter, constant mind chatter.  I would try to quiet it down and go to sleep.  Over and over I tried, thinking I would fall asleep.

Next thing I knew, it was morning and time to get up.

So I got up, but it was very hard to be alert since I had not rested.  I hate nights like that.

So I took a natural sleep aid and slept all day, knowing if I didn’t I wouldn’t be fit for anything and it would continue to get worse.

Oh sleep, why do you avoid me?
Mind why do you chatter, creating oh so much clatter?
All I want to do is sleep,
To slumber in the deep where dreams are made.
                                                        2/23/14 Sonia R Parham
Here’s wishing you a peaceful rest.


Hello, I hope this finds you doing well.  🙂

I thought I’d share a little teaser with you on the quilt that is being made by the quilt guild I belong to, The Logan County PieceMakers.

It is going to be pretty, to be sure.   I will show it as soon as we get it finished.

I continue to work on the log cabin quilt I’ve been working on.  Slow but sure, I’m getting close to finishing it.

So… what are you working on?

Hope to hear from you soon.


Tuesday Treasure

On the way home from work today, there was a treasure before my eyes.  I didn’t have my camera with me so as soon as I got home I hurried into the house and asked my husband to drive me back to an area where I could get a good picture.

I know when compared to the Appalachian or Rocky Mountains, Mt. Magazine isn’t very tall, but it is the highest point between the two mountain ranges and I think it is a beautiful treasure.  Here is how it looked today with snow still covering it.

The next picture, I took as we drove home.  Paris sits at the base of the mountain and the closer we got to home, the mountain seemed to begin to disappear.

Though I can’t see the mountain from my house, like I did on the road farther north today, I know it’s there and it is a beauty all year long.


Before Tracks Were Made

I woke to a winter wonderland this morning.  I took these pics before animals and vehicles made tracks. It is very pretty in the early morning light.

Then it was time to cook breakfast and what better way to start a cold Saturday than with a potato, sausage scramble and wheat biscuits with peach preserves?  I have the recipe for the scramble below.

Here’s how I made the scramble.

  • 1 large potato, cubed
  • 1/4 green pepper diced
  • 1/4 – 1/2 lb your favorite sausage
  • season to taste.  I used salt, black pepper and Greek Seasoning.
  • 5 eggs, beaten with a splash of milk and seasoned to taste

In a large non-stick skillet, brown sausage with green peppers. Add potatoes and seasoning.  Cover and cook until potatoes and sausage are done and lightly browned.  Add beaten eggs and mix thoroughly with the potato/sausage mixture and cook until the eggs are done, creating the potato, sausage, eggs scramble. This made enough to feed four people.

You can add more or less of everything and even add onions, cheese, ham… anything that appeals to you.

That’s all I have for this morning.

Have a great day!