Only with thine eyes…


It was slow at work today, so I asked to have the afternoon off.  I could be more productive here at home than at work.

I’m glad I did.  I was able to do some catching up on the log cabin quilt I need to get finished by Christmas.

Earlier in the week, I tried my hand at a mini scrapbook.   I’ve been wanting to do a scrapbook for each of my kids, but have been a little intimidated about it.  I’ve been collecting things of my kids since they were babies… so I have a lot of material to work with.  I’ve also been buying up scrapbook tools and accessories as I find them on clearance or in a flea market, etc.  

Earlier today Paula, a lady I work with, showed me one of the scrapbooks she has done.  She is really into the scrapbook thing and was able to give me pointers and show me how to go about laying out a page and such.   Now I’m not as intimidated about it as I was.

Here is my first scrapbook.  It is a mini book using ID tag sleeves, for some reason I had some in my craft supplies.  The little book is on the seasons of the year.

Front Cover





Back Cover

I think the next scrapbook I make will be showcasing some of the quilts I’ve made.   I plan to practice on smaller books until I get the hang of it.  Then I will start on the books for my kids.

I would welcome any scrapbook “tips of the trade” if you have any to share.  🙂

The other day I saw a sign in one of the antique/flea market shops I was in and thought it was cute.  I could totally relate to what it was saying.
That’s all I have for now.
Here’s wishing you a Fantastic Friday!
God bless and keep you,


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