August… already?

The first day of August…can you believe it?

This year has flown by and it seems each year it flies by faster than the last.

I think the reason it has hit me so hard this year is that my daughter (my youngest) is turning 17 this month and starting her senior year of high school.  It seems like it was just yesterday that my son graduated high school, but he has been out for a while and graduated college this year.

Then top it off with Christmas being only 20 weeks and 3 days away and only 74 available days to get my Christmas projects and gift done.  Goodness!

I usually go into what I call a “nesting mode”, where I bake more, sew more and craft more.  It usually happens in late summer or early fall, but I need it to kick in earlier this year or I may not get everything done on time.

So, to help myself out, I have started a list of “To Do’s”.  Do you ever do that and if so what motivates you to get it done?

This weekend is tax free in Arkansas.
Don’t live in Arkansas?  Here is a link to find out if and when your state has a tax free weekend.
Have a fantastic Friday!
God bless and keep you,