Do you remember this song?

That is what was going through my mind most of this morning as the rain poured down at work. To top it off, at one point I closed a draw on my desk harder than I thought and a picture came of my cubicle wall and knocked over my cup of coffee.  My desk was soaked and so were a few other things.  I cleaned it up as quickly as I could but here is the damage that was left over.  I had to let a few things dry out.

my organizer
document to be mailed out

I looked at my calendar today and counted free days.  Free days are what I call when I have time after work or on the weekend to work on projects before Christmas.  I counted them up and have 79 free days to get the Log Cabin quilt, and any other projects I have, done before Christmas.   Yikes! I am going to have to dedicate some time on each of the 79 days to make sure I get done on time.

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God bless and keep you,