Oh, what a mess!


Hope you had a good day. :0)

As most of the country, we are in drought conditions here in Arkansas.  Today, we were blessed with rain and it is suppose to rain, I think, through tomorrow morning.

A few blogs back, I mentioned some projects I was going to work on (love quilt, table cloth).  I took one look at my sewing area and realized I was not going to be doing any sewing until it was straightened out.  Over the holidays, I let it become a “catch-all”.   Oh, it was a mess!

My cabinet was not in good order either.

So, I straightened it up.   Boy, did I let it go too far.  I usually try to straighten it up after each project, so that it is ready for the next, but I guess with everything going on with holidays and such, I let it get out of hand.

I’m happy to report it is back in working order.  The cabinet is now organized to where it holds more than before, and I can close the doors.

Then it was time to tackle my sewing/cutting table.  I found a few projects that I need to finish before I start on the love quilt and the tablecloth.  You know how it is, you go through your stash and lo’ and behold there’s a UFO (un-finished object).  

I pinned up two of them so that all I have to do is quilt and bind them tomorrow.  I had two others also, but they need more than minor quilting and binding, so I put them back for later.

I also had some pieced blocks I acquired in the past.  These blocks are not that pretty to me, but I hated to throw them out.   I’ve been wanting to make a laptop pillow to use, so I used the blocks.  

When not in my lap, holding the laptop, it can be a pillow on the couch.

Now, my sewing/cutting table only holds the two projects I’m going to finish up tomorrow and the fabric I’m going to use for the love quilt.

As I stated, it became a place for everything.  I had Christmas decorations, the things I brought home from work out of my cubicle, scrap-booking items, etc., to put away.   I also had some pictures my dad drew.  He gave them to me over the Christmas holiday.  They are now in a safe place.

I feel like I have accomplished something and I needed that.

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If anyone would tell you the surest way to happiness and all perfection, they must tell you to make it a rule to yourself to thank and praise God for everything that happens to you.  For it is certain that whatever seeming disaster happens to you, if you thank and praise God for it, you turn it into a blessing.  ~ Unknown
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Have a terrific Thursday!
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