Pure Joy


It was a beautiful day here in Arkansas.  I spent the day with my son and daughter.  One of the things that brings pure joy to my heart is when my kids get together to play music.

 We went flea marketing. Didn’t find very much, but it was enjoyable all the same.   I did find a dish to use in the Fall.  I thought the colors were pretty.

As we got back home, I’m walking up to the house and I notice a marigold that had some how or another gotten away from the flower bed and on the other side of the driveway.  It is growing in the grass on its own.  I guess it blew over from last year or something.  ?  

Last night I took a picture of my first pink Day Lilly this year.

This morning David thinned out the carrots and brought in some baby ones along with jalapeno and banana peppers.  He tells me the tomato plants are loaded down.  I hope to put up some salsa this year.  That is one thing we eat year around and I’m thinking if I can process salsa this year, it might save a little on the grocery bill.  I plan to process or freeze what ever extra we get out of the garden.  So far we have been able to enjoy fresh squash but it is getting to the point I will have to process it too.


Nature gives to every time and season some beauties of its own. ~ Charles Dickens
I realized today I have not posted a “Block of the Month” in quite some time.  Well, since March, I think.  I will post Block #6 soon.   I also have to finish my Hoffman challenge and make a pin cushion within in the next two weeks.  It seems I get things done one time for a while, then I get behind and have to begin rushing… ever been there?
God bless and keep you,