Y oh Y…

Today was one of those days, when part of my job was on hold, due to an employee being let go and my covering part of their duties. I do not like the feeling accomplishing nothing. I thought I could remedy that feeling by working in my sewing area today, but then remembered having a quilt guild meeting this evening.
I have been procrastinating, of late, with my sewing and crocheting projects.  Today, I received and email for Get Organized Now and one of its main topics was on procrastination.  Go figure.  🙂   Get Organized Now is full of useful tips to organize your stuff and your life.  If you have not been to Get Organized Now, check it out at http://www.getorganizednow.com
I called the Singer Co., in order to try to get a manual for my 1920 Singer… “Hello, thank you for calling the Singer Sewing Company, all of our customer service representatives are busy at this time, customers are served in the order their call is received…. you have 19 people ahead of you.”  (or something like that), I hang up and try again in a few minutes…”you have 21 people ahead of you.”   Oh bother… so I sent them an email instead.   Still waiting on a response. 
I have pictures to share with you.  I took them at the quilt guild meeting this evening.
D. gave a class on Y Seams.  Very informative and now I think I can tackle the Y Seam.  I’ve always been a little intimidated by trying to sew the Y Seam.   She gave us printed instructions and also fabric diamonds to practice with.
Then we had “Show & Tell”

R. and S. brought these scrappy quilt tops for love or lap quilts.  I think they are pretty.

They also brought this larger quilt top.  It is hand pieced.   I believe they brought it from a older family member they visited. They are wanting to get it hand quilted.

L. brought in this colorful quilt.  It was made for her grandson.  It is quilted with vertical lines 1/4″ apart.

J. cross stitched this this little beauty and then added borders.

B. brought this cute quilt.  She hand stitched the embroidered snowmen blocks. 

K. brought this pretty love/lap quilt.

M. and M. brought these three pretty scrappy love quilts.

Here’s a nifty idea… a ruler with a small groove, diagonally, to keep the ruler from wobbling when setting on a seam when cutting or trimming up a block.

I guess that’s it for now.  Hope all is going well for you.
Let me know how you’re doing.  🙂
God bless and keep you,