Dad’s home and I’ve moved…


My dad is home!

I took these pics with my phone, so they aren’t the best.

Here he is drawing…
Here is the finished drawing, he gave me.
It’s good to have dad back at home!   
Moving and setting back up…
Yesterday, I walked in to work and was told, before I even turned on my computer, to pack up.   I was moving.   So I packed everything up… then I packed another person’s cubicle up… finally by the end of the day I was able to move all my “stuff” to my new area. 
Today, when I walked in, I tackled the chore of setting up my new area.  I threw out a lot of stuff, that had accumulated over the years and I didn’t need anymore.  I only had to move two of the six file cabinets I have to my new area ( they are not shown in my pics).  The good news is, the other four cabinets went into the first aid room and will be locked until I need to refurbish the first aid cabinet.   
Here’s my finished area. 
I’m no longer in the HR department, but have been moved into the Quality department.  I will still be involved in safety, environmental and training, just under a different manager.   The new manager, will be over Quality, Safety and Environmental.  Not sure when we will get the new manager, but I think it will be soon.  My new cubicle is much nicer than my last and I think I will interrupted less and able to do my job better.  🙂

Earlier in the week, I was singing “rain drops keep falling on my head…”.  It rained for most of the week. 
Today, it was beautiful and sunny!  
I guess that’s all I have for this evening.
Have a great Saturday!
God bless and keep you,