Peeking Through the Clouds

I went to see my Dad last night.   He asked me what my name was and where I lived.  

Any time someone with dementia experiences a traumatic experience, it seems to set them back in their memories.   That is how it is with Dad.   He is remembering a lot of the past but not much of the present day. 

He drew me a picture last night and showed me how to make a chain with yarn.   His creative side was working well.  

Today, he could not draw.  

It could be that this surgery has advanced his dementia and that he may not regain all his memories.  It is really hard on my Mom, when he doesn’t remember.  Please remember them both in your prayers.  🙂

I firmly believe that God has His hand on my dad and everything will work out as planned.

My morning started with thunder rolling and lightning striking.   It would rain hard and then rain softly, and took turns that way, all day.    This evening on the way home, I saw the moon peeking through the clouds, as the storms moved on out.   It was beautiful shining through the clouds, but unfortunately, when we got home, both of the cameras’ batteries were low and I did not get a good clear picture.
Sorry, I don’t have much to share today.  Tired I guess.  🙂
Here’s wishing you a fabulous Friday!
God bless and keep you,


6 thoughts on “Peeking Through the Clouds

  1. Sonia says:

    Thanks Kelli! Today Dad wasn't responding much, but he did eat his supper on his own and did a few arm exercises with me. I have noticed a pattern with him… he has an alert active day, then he has a day where he is not functioning as well. But I feel that if we work with him everyday, it will help. 🙂


  2. Kelli says:

    I will keep them in my prayers for sure. My Gpa had Alzheimer's and would tell me each time I saw him how nice it was “to meet me, and to come back to visit any time and if I ever needed anything, just come by and ask”. It was def. hard, but the last time he saw my dad before he passed, he was rarely talking then, he looked up and said “There's my boy.” A moment of clarity. Amazing drawing your dad did!


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