I came home for lunch today and saw a pleasant surprise. 

In my driveway stood two friends, talking to my husband.  I haven’t seen them since Easter.  Keith and Sherri moved out of state, shortly after Easter.  

Today, they were on their way to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday with their kids in Oklahoma, and were kind enough to stop by for a few minutes.  

Talk about a hi-lite of my week!   Though I didn’t get to visit with them long, it brought joy to my heart to see them again.

Just wish I had my camera ready and with me at the time.. but I didn’t have my camera and the battery needed to be charged, to boot.  

Have you had an experience that has changed your outlook on life?  If so, how?

Today, I delivered the quilt I’ve been working on to the friend I made it for.   I always get a little nervous when I present a quilt, in fear it will not be good enough, but most of the time my fears are for naught.   Today, my friend was very pleased with the way the quilt turned out.  That made me happy.

Today, has just been a good day full of surprise, blessings and laughter.

Thank you Lord!!

Well this is a short week for me at work. I have workied my normal hours today and yesterday (8-5), but tomorrow I go in at 730 and leave at 230. I’m getting out early. EARLY!!! 🙂 Then I’m off for the rest of the week.

I’ll be taking down my fall decorations in my cubicle tomorrow and will most likely take my Christmas decorations in next week.

My hubby, kids and I are thinking of forgoing the turkey, dressing and pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving day, as we have celebrated twice, as a family, and I have three times, in the past week. I think we are going to go with mexican dishes. I hope to try some new recipes and will share the best one, for my weekly recipe this week.


I’ll let you go for now…

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

God bless and keep you,

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I'm a happily married mom of two, living in Arkansas and selling AVON. Both of my children are grown and in college. I often wonder where the time went. I never thought I'd have blog but when blogs came along, I jumped on board. That just goes to show one doesn't know what the future holds. I was born in 1967 but my life truly began in 1996. That is the year I realized I need God in my life. That is the year I asked Jesus Christ into my life. So, you will see, as you follow my blog, there will be mention of God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit from time to time. I can't live without sharing that part of my life. I like to go to flea markets and visit antique shops and I usually find something to take home with me. I'm fairly new at crocheting. I tried to learn to crochet in my twenties but I didn't have left handed instructions. I could do it right handed but it was hard for me to keep my stitches consistent. Then a few years ago a left handed friend of mine gave me a book with left handed crocheting instructions and I learned to crochet. My first quilt was in done in 2001. Money was tight and I wanted to give my husband something nice. So I decided to make him a "blanket". Little did I know I would be hooked and still be making quilts years later. I'm starting my hand at scrapbooking and watercoloring. We will see how that goes. :) I update my AVON page each week with a special deal, so be sure to check it out. Well, that's a little about me. Hope you enjoy my blog and follow me on this journey.

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