Not going to sweat the small stuff…

Hello!   Hope this finds you doing well.  🙂

Didn’t get much accomplished today.  I had plans of working on the “quilt”, finishing my “stark” handbag, and possible making a small autumn wall hanging.

Well, as life so often does, it throws something into the works to change plans up a bit.   I found out after getting home last night from church, of all places, that I had holey britches, no pun intended.  At the back pockets of my jeans, there were rips. ARGG! 

I told my Mom, on the phone last night, first my cruise control goes out on my car, then my oven goes out, and now my pants have blown out! 🙂  Oh well, life goes on.  Not going to sweat the small stuff…

my $7 bag

So, I wound up going to a place in Fort Smith, called Savers, today.  Savers is a big thrift shop that provides a steady stream of income for the non-profit organization Big Brother Big Sisters, which specializes in youth mentoring programs.  I’d rather shop there and know my money is going to help some kids.  I found two pair of jeans in very good condition and also a handbag.   My jeans are in the laundry, but  here’s a pic of my bag.

We also looked at some cars for my son.  Like I said, not a lot of project working going on today.  I did crochet on the baby afghan in the car, though.   I also made a ring.   I guess that counts for something.  🙂    

crocheted flower ring

Here’s the top….

Here’s the side.

Dave’s cantaloupe
Believe it or not, with the shortage of rain in this area, there is some growth still going on.  My hubby found a cantaloupe growing in his garden.  He figured the vine was not going to produce, because it bloomed and nothing showed up… well, while he wasn’t looking…. look what showed up.
Red Sedum
Then, later, I noticed the ‘red sedum’ had flowers, and that the ‘naked ladies’ had bloomed.
Naked Ladies
What’s the most fun you had in the last year?
May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace. ~ Romans 15:13
God bless and keep you,
My answer to the last question: If I could have any job…?  I would love to have my own quilting and fabric shop.

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