But Alas…

Well…I thought I’d have pictures to show tonight.. but alas… my camera battery died.

I went to our local quilt guild meeting tonight.  We had an awesome program.  Natalie Mosher had a trunk show and showed some pretty awesome quilts.    She appliques large animal faces on top of pieced blocks.  I will post the pics I took when my camera battery recharges.  My words will not do her quilts justice.

After I got home, I finished up organizing my sewing/craft area.  I took a pic of it too.  So, again I’ll post it when I can.   I was able to get everything put back plus I now have room for my yarns and such.    My next organization spot will be my sewing/cutting table. It has drawers and a shelf that needs to be organized.  That will probably be a project for next week. 

I have scheduled myself to get a Christmas tree skirt done this week, but there is a workshop on Thursday evening and another one on Saturday I’d like to go to.  I think I can make the Thursday workshop for a short while… but am not sure if I’ll make the Saturday workshop; it seems there might be something else going on Saturday…  I guess I’ll have it all figured out by the end of the week.  🙂  If anything, I might can get the Christmas tree skirt done on Friday.  

I guess that’s it for now. I’ll post pictures tomorrow.

Remember, God loves You!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

God bless and keep you,

My answer to yesterday’s question:  The biggest change ever made for me, was when I accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior.  He turned a two-faced, angry, full of resentment, foul mouthed woman, into a woman who is now free from that bondage and living in peace, with joy in her heart.