Laugh ’til you cry…

This evening my family and I enjoyed a great visit with family.   We had a delicious meal. My sister-n-law, Sande, cooked a Mexican casserole.  

At one point in the evening I got so tickled about something Sande said (because I could totally relate) that I laughed until I started to cry.   I had to make myself stop or I would be bawling.   

Laughter is a very strong emotion for me and if I get to laughing hard I always wind up crying.  It can be embarrassing at times.   Does that ever happen to you?


After we got home I finished a dishcloth I started yesterday. 



What subject do you wish you knew more about?
(I will post my answer tomorrow)
Here’s wishing you a terrific Thursday!!
God bless and keep you,

My answer to yesterday’s question: that was a tough one… there is not one from our life time that I want to talk to.  The ones I’d like to talk to, I will get to, one day in Heaven.


As you can see…I’m about changing my blog look again.   
Got any ideas?
Just can’t seem to be find the one the fits the best.