Today was a day of quilting.  

It all started at 9:00 a.m.   Six of us were able to work and we enjoyed the time we had together working on the love quilts.   We got a good start and I feel better about reaching our goal in August.

I want to thank Debbie, Joanne, Shirley, Susan and Patsy for participating today.   Charlotte was able to drop by for a few minutes on her way out of town.  She took some fabric to make a love quilt with her.   Thank you Charlotte.  🙂

Here are some pics…

Joanne has already turned in two love quilts, so she worked on a bigger quilt she will be giving as a wedding gift.   I thought it turned out pretty cool!

We had all types of fabrics and here’s a pic of some Nascar fabric, Patsy brought in.

Here is Debbie sewing away on strips of fabric that put me in the Fall frame of mind.  🙂

Here is Shirley getting her fabrics lined out and Joanne is at the machine.  I told Shirley I got her in an action shot.  lol

Debbie got my camera, and got me measuring out fabric for borders on a little quilt top I was piecing together.

Here’s Susan.  She just finished cutting her fabric as I snapped the shot.  She worked on a “quilt as you go” quilt.   I asked her how it was done and she shared the helpful info with me.  I think I will try that method on  my next small quilt.

I got in a hurry at one point and decided to do a cheater quilt.  That’s where you take a printed panel and use it as the front of a quilt instead of piecing it together.  I was going to sew the front fabric, backing and batting in a pillow-case style to where when I flip it inside out it is bound and ready for tying.     Well, like I said, I got in a hurry.

I sewed all the way around, leaving an opening to turn it through, and when I go to turn it inside out, I see that I had placed one of the fabrics wrong.   When you do a quilt this way, you always place the front and backing fabrics with right sides facing.  This will allow the right sides to show when the piece is turned inside out.   My two fabrics were not right sides facing.

Woe is me….

I think I was saying, as Debbie snapped this shot, “when you get in a hurry you pay, and you pay big for it”, all the while shaking my head at my mistake. 

Yes, I’m ripping out seams.  I finally gave up and just trimmed the sewn seams off and decided to cut the center out of the cheater panel and put borders on it, for a quilt.

Even though, I had tiny bit of bad luck, I did manage to get a quilt top done. 

Strawberry Ice Cream, as I finish off a bowl, I think it is my favorite.
Ice cream is a good way to cool down on a hot day.  
What is your favorite type of ice cream?  


Being off work today, has thrown me off.  This evening, I keep thinking this is Saturday.  I guess I’m wishing my Friday at work to be done and over with. 🙂 

While we were working on the quilts today, I kept catching myself humming or whistling a gospel song titled “Jesus Paid It All”.    I was worshiping from within.

That’s the great thing about worship.  You can worship anywhere you are.  It doesn’t have to be done only in a church building or a church meeting and it doesn’t have be done in only one certain way.  So if a song or a prayer bubbles up from within, let it out!  🙂

I will praise the LORD according to His righteousness: and will sing praise to the name of the LORD most high.  ~Psalm 7:17

God bless and keep you,