All Out, Full Tilt, GO!

Today was all out, full tilt, GO!

It started with prayer and thank goodness it did!

We spent the day at Magic Springs amusement park.  So today is a photo documentary, of sorts. 🙂

 We fed fish…

check out the white catfish!

We fed turtles…

And there were beautiful mallard ducks too.   I think this was probably my favorite part.  🙂

Of course, if there are pretty flowers around, I’m going to take a picture and I found this yellow rose bush.

Then there were the rides…

This one… I knew right off, I would not ride.  Got dizzy just thinking about it.  🙂

The Twist and Shout and it was twisty!

Didn’t go on this one but it had an awesome splash factor!

David, Josh and Audre are behind this splash.

Here they are after the splash.

 Another ride I didn’t go on.  This one was way too scary looking for me. 🙂

This swing was a relaxing ride. 

I got a kick out of my kid’s commentary and also watching the faces of the people facing me. 🙂 


David took me on the taxi ride and did commentary for me as we putted around the small track.  I wanted a picture of this cute ride and this charming little camera ham, jumped in and posed for me.

About mid afternoon, I scoped out an air conditioned ice cream parlor and we had a nice cool snack.  I had strawberry ice cream and a Pepsi.

Today was Flag day, so I took a picture of our beautiful flag.

I also got some sun today, hope it doesn’t hurt too much tomorrow.   That’s a price I pay anytime I’m outside, it seems. 🙂 

So, that’s how most of the day went.  

When we got home, we relaxed with a movie and a cold drink. My son did a little painting.  Check out his first acrylic painting.

I think it’s pretty cute. 🙂

Tomorrow, I plan to nap, worship, read, sew and take it easy!  🙂

So until next time, God bless and keep you and remember He loves you!