What do you see?

Ever play the game of seeing images in the clouds when you were a kid?  

I did and sometimes I still do.  

Check out this pic…  I see a dragon in the sky.     What do you see?

Relaxing, taking it easy

My first day on vacation was very relaxing…

  • woke up late
  • worked a little on my weaving loom
  • ate a light lunch
  • went to my great nephew’s, Teddy, birthday party.  He turned 4 years old.
  • read a book to and from the birthday party.  No worries, David was driving. 🙂   Here’s the book I read. 
  • took pictures when I got home.  Tried to video too, to get sound of thunder and possibly catch lightening on camera… but no luck there.
  • took a nap this afternoon
  • easy supper, chili dogs and chips
  • watched a movie with hubby and daughter

Like I said… relaxing, just taking it easy.

 Calling for Ties
Microsoft clip art
Guys:  do you have any ties in your closet you don’t wear anymore?  If you want to get them out of your closet and make room for new ties or other stuff… send them to me.
Gals:  does your man have ties that he no longer wears and you want to clear them out… send them to me.
I’m collecting ties to create a wall quilt and possible a handbag.  I have a few but need more, quite a few more. 🙂   So, if you have ties and you want to get rid of them, shoot me an email.
 In Closing…
 Like pictures in the clouds, life passes us by, here one minute and gone the next.  You can’t reclaim the day before or even the minute before the present, where you stand.   Knowing that; we should live our lives to best of our ability.  We don’t know when our last breath will be taken. 
Delight thyself also in the LORD; and He shall give thee the desires of thine heart. ~ Psalm 37:4
God bless and keep you,