A Long Trip to the Past

To my dismay, I remembered when I last worked on the family tree my computer crashed.   Everything I had saved at the time, was saved on a floppy.  So when I got my new computer, guess what… no floppy drive.

Thus, I lost everything I had typed before. 

Luckily, I do have a hard copy, though very faint, of my family history.  Plus I kept a hard copy of any new information I found.

So, I’m starting over and traveling back to 1520, when my five-greats grandpa, Humphry Benton was born in Epping, Essex, England.  It’s going to be a long but interesting trip.  

I’m wiser now.  I will be saving to a CD as I go, that way if my computer messes up, I will still have the history.

I got curious about what was going on in 1520, so I went surfing. 

Well… Henry VIII was ruling and desperately needed to forge an alliance with either France or the Holy Roman Empire.  He had a choice to make.     

Here is the interesting thing… King Henry challenged King Francis, who ruled France, to a wrestling match. 

Well, Francis won that wrestling match and Henry wound up signing a treaty of alliance with the Holy Roman Emperor, Charles V.

Boys will be boys.  

I can imagine my five-greats grandma, Joane, thinking this when she heard about it from her mother, while discussing the current Act of Six Articles. Henry passed this Act in 1539; laying down the beliefs of the Church of England.    I wonder how that conversation played out.

Okay… enough history.


Microsoft clip art

Also to my dismay, I lost a filling tonight.

And even worse, I think I swallowed it.   yuck!  

Too bad there really isn’t a tooth fairy to magically fix it.

 I wish you all a great Wednesday!
God bless and keep you,

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