Small Talk…

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You ever have those days where you just dont’ have much to say?

I guess today is one of those days for me.  When I sat down to type up my blog, my mind was like the sign to the left – blank.

In one of my writing classes I learned if you sit down to write and have a blank moment or are mentally blocked, then write through it.  Therefore I will continue to type.

Microsoft clip art

I woke this morning saying… “just make it Monday through Wednesday”.  It was a busy Monday at work today.  I got off work 30 minutes early and will do so the next two days.

I’m using vacation days on Thursday and Friday this week and management doesn’t want me to go over 40 hours.  So… getting off work a half hour early will be nice this week.

Today was a beautiful day!   One of my blogger friends expected snow today per the forecast!  I’m thinking no way – Not for this girl.  🙂   I’ll keep the sunshine.  We do have a chance for rain showers though.

See what I mean… not much to talk about… chatting about the weather! 

Oh yeah… I did enjoy a ice cream sandwich when I got home today.  It was delicious.  As  a matter of fact just thinking about it now… I’m going to go get another!

And I wonder why I need to lose about 15 – 20 lbs…

Yep… it tastes as yummy as the one I had four hours ago. 🙂


Check out the Crochet tab above.  I have posted a pattern I’m working on now.  It is a small afghan, around 30″ x 30″.  A good size for an infant.


I have loved you with an everlasting love; 
therefore with loving kindness I have drawn you.  
Jeremiah 31:3
God bless and keep you,