A Beautiful Day Indeed

Today was a beautiful day with blue sky and sunshine.  I took some pictures of the new growth going on where I live.

This flowering pear tree is in my back yard.  The blooms are … well quite frankly… they are stinky.  Never the less the tree is pretty when it is in bloom.

The daffodils and hyacinths at the front of my house are blooming too.
I finished my “Spring Trip Around the World” quilt today.   
I will be donating it to the Logan County PieceMakers Quilt Guild’s “Love Quilt” fund.   I am over the collection of  love quilts and lap quilts this year and thought I’d start it out right by putting in a quilt.  
The quilts are given to young children entering a head-start program and to those in nursing homes.  As you know, change is difficult for a lot people.  So these quilts help comfort the ones making a transition in their lives. 

One of my blogger friends, Mariliz, mentioned chicken potpie in one of her blogs this week and I have been wanting chicken potpie ever sense!

So, that’s what we are having for lunch tomorrow after church.   I will be using a version of chicken potpie from my vintage cookbook collection.

The recipe is called Chicken Casserole with Pimento Biscuits.   My family doesn’t like pimentos, so I’ll be leaving them out and will most likely add another veggie to the filling.  You can see the recipe on the Recipe tab above.

Right now, I smell the chicken cooking.  My husband is such a sweetheart.  He always takes steps to help me out.   The chicken is rolling away in a big pot with onions and seasoning.

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He is my refuge and my fortress; my God, in Him I will trust.
Psalm 91:2

God bless and keep you,