A Baker? Me?…

Let me begin by stating a fact.

Fact:  God did not create me to be a baker or a chef. 
Plain and simple that’s just not my “cup of tea”.

Now, having stated that fact I will admit that from time to time I do get out of my comfort zone and try to bake something from scratch.

Today, a neighbor of mine brought over some lemons.  Her lemon tree was loaded down with lemons and she was giving them away.  

As the saying goes… when life gives you lemons….

Thus my step of bravery.

I baked a Lemon Bread.  You can see the recipe on the Recipe tab above.

Then of course, because I’m not a baker at heart I tend to make a mess… 

 thus… clean up is inevitable.  yuck!

 Well… the Lemon Bread turned out pretty tasty. 

Now I have three more lemons to figure out what to do with.

Got any suggestions?