A Twist On A Good Day

Let me begin by saying today was a pretty good day, overall.   It was a typical Sunday – church in the morning, nap in the afternoon, then church in the evening.

But it seems from time to time life throws in a little quirk or two to put a twist on your good day.

After church this evening, we received a call.   My son had fallen at work.   Now it doesn’t matter how old your children are (my son is a grown man), when you hear your kid has had an accident, for an instant it’s like a knife cutting into your heart, then you get a grip on yourself and do what you have to do.

My husband received the call and went to hospital.  Josh wound up with a broken nose with a gash on top of his nose and it looks like two black eyes coming on.

I’m very thankful it wasn’t worse.

When he walked in my back door this evening I said “Hi, Son… let me see it”

“No”, he replied (understand – my son was joking).  To which I jokingly responded “that’s not fair, your dad got to see it.”

Again, Thankfully Josh is okay.

Now,  let me tell you what else happened.

Just after we received the call about Josh and David left to go to the hospital, I went to my daughter’s room and told her what happened and we discussed it, like girls do, for a few minutes.

I then went back to what I was doing (adapting a quilt pattern).   I sat down at the desk and realized I had ripped the back of my pants, right at the edge of the right back pocket.

Now I’m hoping this rip occurred while at home, after church, this evening.   The thought that it may have been ripped at church just mortifies me.

If it was ripped at church, I pray it was just the beginning of the rip, very tiny and not visible and then just got worse after I got home!

Microsoft clipart

So… short one pair of jeans…. 
It’s time to go shopping!!  🙂  

Thought for the day:
“Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul.” 
~ Henry Ward Beecher ~
I decided on a baby quilt pattern.  
It’s the Basic Trip Around the World quilt pattern from the book  90- Minute Quilts by Meryl Ann Butler.    
I have changed up the pattern a bit to suite my needs and am waiting on approval to use information from the book and share the pattern with you.  When I receive the approval, you can see my version of  the pattern, the fabrics and color chart I will be using, by clicking the Quilt Pattern tab at the top of the page. At this time it is not visible as it is in “draft” mode.

This dish is a favorite of mine.  It sits on top of my piano.   This summer I will be scouring garage sales and such looking for pieces that will coordinate with this dish.  I plan to display them on my blue wall in the living room. 
 Just a reminder the THINK SPRING GIVEAWAY by Stray Stitches will be ending tomorrow.  
Go to the  Giveaways Tab at the top of the page to view the giveaways listed and enter them. 

In Closing:
This morning I taught about putting God first in our lives for my Sunday school lesson.  I used a demonstration that included a small mason jar, three golf balls, 1/2 cup of children’s beads and 1/2 cup of salt.  
The mason jar represented our lives.
The golf balls represented loving God and His Word and prayer in our lives.
The beads represented loving others as ourselves.
The salt represented us and everything else in our lives.
I explained that often times we put ourselves before anything else.   I poured the salt into the mason jar, filling it a third of the way. 
     Then I explained that sometimes we think to help others out of kindness.  I poured the beads into the mason jar, filling it the rest of the way.   
          I then tried to put the golf balls in but they would not fit.  Stating that when we put ourselves first, then others… often times we miss out and don’t have room for God.

So I poured the jar out through a sifter and started over.  
Placing the golf balls in the jar first, explaining when we put God first in our lives, everything else falls in place and fits.  
     I poured in the beads on top of the golf balls stating when we put God first, loving others as ourselves, fits in our life.  
          Then I poured in the salt, showing that when we have God first, then put others before ourselves, everything else in our life will take place and fit.   
I put the lid on the jar with all three items contained within.

My prayer this week is that we remember to make a point to put God first and foremost in our daily lives.  Then everything else will fall in place.
God bless and keep you, 

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