Redesigning my sewing area

I am at the point where I need to redesign for improvement and efficiency.   My quilting area is very small so I will be going vertical.   I will post pics when I get done.   If you have any suggestions for setting up a sewing area in a small space.  Please share them.

redesigning for the good of quilting,


2 thoughts on “Redesigning my sewing area

  1. Sonia says:

    Hi Hope. Thanks for sharing your info on you sewing area. I have gotten side tracked and forgot to post pics. My sewing area is 1/2 half of my bedroom I still have a little work to do but will try to post pics soon.

    Thanks for visiting. 🙂


  2. HOPE says:

    Thanks Sonia for your encouraging comment on my Baby Shower cake.

    I also have a small sewing/quilting area..SIGH. It's also one of my guest/g'children's rooms for visits. My sewing table folds up and can go in the closet..convient…or serve as a desk when I put my sewing machine up..(shh not often!!) I use the closet for storage (I use plastic bins and also a plastic chest of drawers on the side that holds fabrics and tools. I also have a hutch also in the room that holds my magazines and books. There is a daybed that serves for laying out things! and my ironing board (a wide ones serves for ironing and cutting with my huge mat layed on top on a drawing board. I'll have to post pics sometime. My husband bought me a rolling office chair so now I swirl around to iron etc. I also have a special floor lamp for better close lighting. I've done a LOT of sewing here and it works. I also LOVE my window with the view of a bird feeder and my bushes in bloom in Spring..or gentle rain. Oh..and I have one of those photo boards with the ribbon across it..holds patterns, pics of quilts I want to do and photos of finished quilts and my Grandkids!

    Can't wait to see yours.


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